Wireless Surveillance

Wireless surveillance, which includes Wi-Fi systems, is the prohibition of unauthorized access to or harm to devices or data over wifi communication. The word can also apply to the security of the wireless router against attackers attempting to compromise the network's secrecy, security, or reliability. Cutting-edge wireless surveillance solutions empowering Moshin Group with real-time monitoring, enhanced security, and seamless integration for comprehensive situational awareness

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In recent days, the surge in burglary, robbery, and violence has resulted in extraordinary growth in the deployment of CCTV security systems. CCTV Services security devices are an excellent monitoring tool as well as a barrier. Thousands of offenders have been apprehended thanks to the use of CCTV monitoring. Moshin groups provide peace of mind to you, your employees, and your clients, particularly in situations like car parks, poorly lit places, and other areas where people feel insecure.

CCTV Video Surveillance

You might need our video security surveillance to find and fix local security vulnerabilities. You'll be able to sleep better at night if you have real-time video surveillance and intruder warnings installed. At Moshin Groups, we recognize the importance of businesses remaining attentive at all times. We provide the best financial CCTV surveillance service at competitive pricing to meet your security goals.


All of our devices are fitted correctly, and that's attributable to our highly educated and tech-savvy experts. Our experts deliver thorough training to clients following the completion of a setup to ensure successful and trouble-free functioning.

Service & Maintenance

Our service agreements are tailored to fit the specific needs of each of our clientele. A regular maintenance plan is included as a standard in all leases, reducing the probability of a system crash and ensuring that we are always as secure and honest as when they were initially installed.

The power is supplied by onboard batteries, which are commonly lithium-ion units. However, the great bulk of folks is linked by cable. That's correct, the majority of wireless cameras aren't really wireless.
Certainly. A wireless signal can be enhanced through a chain of transmitters by utilising repeaters. However, the more relays you utilise, the worse the video quality will be. Obviously, the greater the distance, the more opportunities there are for objects to get in the line of the signals.
Yes. Don't go trying to run away just yet. If you left your wireless security system's security settings at normal, it's incredibly easy for someone to hack into it. Obviously, you should not use the default options. We strongly advise you to change the ports it utilizes, preferably to a less regularly accessed port. We also propose altering the address, name, and password for the camera. The surveillance system must be hidden beneath your network rather than in plain sight.


Illegal individuals are encrypted to protect your wireless network and data theft using your Wi-Fi network by employing wireless security.

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    Simple Installation
  • Several video surveillance systems require drilling holes in the wall and the purchase of a fitting kit. Setting it together to support a camera may be time-consuming, even if it isn't the most challenging endeavor. The installation of a wireless camera is really simple, and you can tilt the device in any position you like.

  • Flexibility
  • Having a cordless camera provides you with more options. Without having to mess with cables, you can install the cameras wherever you want, configure them for a variety of contexts, and manually transfer them to a different region. Being able to reposition the camera and set it in high places without bothering about plugs might save you a lot of time and effort.

  • Cost-effective
  • Since it is wifi, there really are usually fewer devices and parts needed.This will enable you to save costs on components and focus just on purchasing a high-quality camera.
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